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Pedal Prix

Pedal Prix is a bike riding race, sort of like a car race, but you pedal.

You ride a recumbent bike and, yes, it is harder then it looks. They go faster than a normal bike, and depending on how good your bike is and what gears you have you can get speeds up to 80 kmph.

We just came home from Victoria and we had such a good time, coming 1st in our catagory and 2nd (I think) over all.

Of cource we're fast!!! This is us overtaking.

Our bikes twin sister. Team Ballistic.

Our Acheivements
In 2001 we went to Maryborough in Victoria to compete in a triathlon.
A pedal prix triathlon consists of three phases. First there is the sprints. This is where all membes of the team ride the bike as fast as they can over a short track. The next day is an obstical cource, where each team member weves through obsticals (still on the sprint track). The last phase on the last day is an 8 hour endurence race. This is a different track and each rider takes it in turns riding as many laps as they can during the 8 hours.
There is also other things to win such as best presented and design and construction of the bike.
Last year in November we went up just to have a good time. To tell you the truth none of us had any idea what it was going to be like, and just before we were going to race we all got freaked out because we were going to have to race with the hybrids. (Bikes with solar motors) But it all turned out OK, besides their noisy-ness, they were'nt all that fast. We over took most of them!
We had just the best time because we couldn't believe how well we had done. Here are our results-

1st presentation
1st design and construction
1st Sprints
1st Obstical Cource
1st Endurance.
To tell you the truth I think the Victorians were getting a little annoyed at the South Aussies because in the other races, the primary 16 hour and the high school 24 hour, South Australian Teams won!!

We went back again in 2002 and with a very shakey start, managed to come 1st in our catagory and 2nd overall. We won the endurance race, presentation and design and construction.

We have also recently competed at the velofest, coming 6th and at the 6 hour race at Victoria Park.